11 June 2009


Jo Lynn was here in Kota Bharu. she stayed in my small hostel room. i'm so glad to see her. i think the last i met her was 2 years ago when i visited the main campus during TOT.

ok. Jo Lynn is my friend, we were in the same class since standard 1 Hijau till form 5. (except during standard 2, if im not mistaken). basically, she just finished her study in USM and is on her backpacking trip around Malaysia before she start working in Singapore. it happends that im the only friend who's staying in Kelantan. so i offerer myself to become host for her.

we went to several famous museums in Kota Bharu. it was first time for both of us. eventhough i'd stayed here for 4 years, i'd never been to the museums. we also went to Pasar Siti Khatijah and Pantai Cahaya Bulan. i introduced her some of the Kelantanese food like Nasi Ulam, nasi kerabu, colek and etc. then only i know how much Jo Lynn loves budu, which is very very rare.

the things that we did in Kota Bharu

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the lynx said...

Love you girl! That was a great experience in Kelantan! Will look forward to come back next time... and also to meet you in Singapore when you berbulan madu there...

Take care muaks!