24 September 2008


 the upper left picture shows inflammatory area at my esophagus. there is also redness that indicate inflammation
this is an old story. the pic above is the pic inside my cute tummy. i'd done my oesophageal gastroduodenal endoscope or better known as OGDS 2 weeks before raya. i got heartburn so mr zaidi offers to do OGDS to me. n i had to do this in front of my colleogeues.
the experiences was very discomfort. i was trying to avoid myself vomiting until there's tears streaming down my face. ida sampai suro saya jangan nangis la. padahal im not crying. cuma rasa nak muntah. it was not painful but it was very discomfort.
mr zaidi detected an inflammatory area at my esophageos and there was a small ulcer. i was diagnosed to had reflx esophagitius. i was prescribed pantoprazole for 6 weeks. sekarang saya kena kurangkan makan makanan yg pedas, which is my favourite. eventhough dah di diagnosed i still degil. makan pedas jugak. 
memang degil oo ini budak.


the lynx said...

OMG... looks scary. But with that in my mouth, I'll sure vomit!

nOoRoLe said...

its not that scary lynx. but it is very very very discomfort...unpleasant at all..