05 September 2008


akhirnya. surgical posting is over. and next posting to go through is another anchor posting aka medical posting. and for almost 2 months going through posting atteched to medical courses, i still wonder wether it makes sense to learn medical when u are going to be a dentist in the future. yeah. i know doctors and lecturers had been babling about the importance since i was in first year. but it still didnt makes me satisfy. can u see any relation of a dentist being the one who's repairing the oral cavity got to do with anus and rectum which situated at the other end of the canal. sungguh ku tak paham. still blur.
and everyday of the posting seems to be burdening so much. i'll become very tired when i arrived at my room at 5 pm every sunday till wednesday. and will be spending the whole night resting. i'll become very tired and of cos i still need to study. it is vey tiring. not to forget there are seminars and case write up to prepare. and what i hate the most is the end posting assesment.
for surgical posting. we have to pass our long case exam. in this exam my case was a pediatric case, inguinal hernia. my examiner was Mr. Osman. i dont know why i am so stupid when it comes to hernia. i hate that topic since i know what it means in first year. and of cos i didnt study much about that topic. and i failed that exam and had to reseat. luckily the reseating exam is done on the same day.
my case for the reseats exam is rectal cancer. fortunately, i kow this patient. but i never clerk him thoroughly. i regret it. but it was too late. i have to clerk him now and presents it to Mr Jasni. everybody know how nice Mr Jasni is. but still im scared to death and forget everything about MRI and CT scan. thought blocked again. saya menci. anyway i pass this exam finally.
now i would like to welcomed myself to the medical wards in HKB. huhu.
**hari ni saya nak berbuka dgn nodi and sya and angah dekat Tarbush. cant wait.

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