15 October 2008


October is full of birthdays of my loves one. because there are too many of them in this month. i cant buy pressie to all. kena simpan duit for kahwin ma! hikhik.

3rd October
 haziq fikry dah besaq. dah 5 tahun. dah tak boley minum susu dlm botol. malu malu.
7th October
 happy bday noddy. selamat menyambut hari warga tua. u r 22 now!

 10th October
dearest jun. dah tua seh ko! 22 already.
 dear cuzz ain is 19 i guess. sorry cuzz. i forgot how old u are!
15th October
my dear thivy is 22. yeay! you are old already dear. i wish u all the best in your life babe. 
fatni is 22 this year. i haven't seen her for years.
17th October

 atie is 16 this year? aite?
 miss jenna is 22. u r so far away babe.
20th October

cik syitah is 22. miss penolong ketua yg lemah lembut. ahaks!
27th October

 ain anak pak cik roslan pon dah 22.
28th October

daus my cuzz is 20 this year. i'm sure bout it.

29th October

cik angah kentot dah 21. thanx angah. for being my best frien. i love u so much.
i'm sorry if i didn't wish u personally. it's not that i forgot or what. sometimes i remember the night before or even two or three days before the date. but when the day arrive. i simply forgot. i guess i had a small memory capacity. anyone knows where i can upgrade my memory??!! =D


noddy said...

tq2..wei asal ko letak gamba sememeh aku..huhu

nOoRoLe said...

ni la gambaq hg yg plg comey n tekun yg aku da

Jenna said...

omg, i just noticed that i appeared here...
thanks babe for the wish...
Will catch up with u when i get back.
Can't wait to attend ur wedding.

nOoRoLe said...

welcome babe..
i miss u a lot!