16 May 2009


during study week. i was craving for something slurry and slurpy like spaghetti and so. so i asked dear noddy to take me out for dinner. we went to Tesco and went to Kedai Pakcik Kenny. i ordered the spaghetti bolognese and noddy here ordered the macaroni with cheese. u know how healthy foods at Kedai Pakcik Kenny. it is tasteless.
so i asked the waiter for salt and pepper. then the waiter asked me wether i want chilli or tomato. hm. he didn't hear what i said i guess. then i said it's ok la. just bring me pepper instead. then this naive guy shows with his hand wether i want this size of paper!!! paper.
hm. i was quite mad at that time. but i just kept quite. in my heart i was questioning myself wether Kedai Pakcik Kenny only serve healthy food, so they didnt had any salt and pepper. or is it the waiter's ear who had problems?
tak pegi dah kot!

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angkasa said...

tudia sush gak cmtu