08 November 2009


the reasons i wanna go home, besides my Sayang and my Mama and Abah. they are just too cute too handle

Arash and me preternding to be cute. well, he's cute. i'm gorgeous. haha

Arash and me pretending to be ghosts while trying to scare Kak Teh away.

Arash, Ayu and me. Arash was not interest to take picture at this time. 

the 3 of us, trying to show our good set of teeth. aha

dearest Arash and his mama, Aunty Cik

all of the pictures above were taken during my finally-Kelantan-masuk-final holiday. sadly they didn't win, or else we'll get one more day of holiday. Sayang was no around cause he was in Shah Alam preparing for his viva.

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