05 November 2009


Ninie aka Marlini got married to her dearest fiancee, Izaney last Sunday. i can't make it to the wedding cause i'm here in Kelantan and Sunday is not a weekend. Ninie was my class mate during primary, we haven't seen each other for years after she moved to KL. thanx to FB we can finally connect to each other now.

Congratulations dear. i wish u all the best in this new life. May u and your hubby have a blissful and happy marriage life. and lotsa children tu. (^-^) "wink wink!"

perfect for each other, aite?!

Convent girls aka my friends that were there at the ceremony. i envy u girls k!

she still looks good from behind and i love her dress. 

she's so pretty, that's why she's a model. even the bridesmaid looks so good.

credit for pictures goes to Farhana. Fana i curi dr FB u and edit skit ja. hehe.


Shafique Gajdhar said...


thts my blog
u hav a nice pic collectn
may Allah giv u bliss inn life !!

nOoRoLe said...

thanx for visiting shafique. and thanx for the doa too..