30 October 2009


happy birthday dear Angah. angah turn 22 yesterday. we celebrated it 3 days earlier in Secret Recipe, Tesco KB cause at that time Kak Teh was still here in Kelantan. we have fun together. it's been awhile since three of us got to spend time together since i'm married and Kak Teh is busy with her matriculation life.  we ate, chat, gigle and gossips about everything under the sun. oh, i had so much fun. i feel so destress. i love it when we are together.

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angah is a pretender!!!!!

dear Angah,
i know that we are from 2 differerent worlds. what i like will never love by u. that's weird when we are sisters right?! but i found it very unique for us.

u love studying so much but i hate it badly
i never love going to wards and still wonder why u can stay there for more than 5 hours.
i never love Korean and Japan movie so much like u do
we always disagree on everything
u hate it when i comment your style of driving which i love doing on everybody 
i think the type of guy that we like are completely different right?

but i love your company. i think your are one of the reason why i can stay in boring place for almost 5 years.  i hope u succeed in everything that u do. i love u so much. and i also pray that u'll meet the one!! hehe..

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angkasa said...

hepy bfday angah!