23 October 2009


my bestfriend since secondary, Nur Safawati bt Mohd Nor or better known to us as Watai, take a step into a new life last Sunday, 181009. she's now a wife to Mohd Muslim b Abu Bakar. i was only informed about the event one day before it happended. it was a last minute decision because Watai and her husband are posted to Sabah and need to report their duty there end of this month. so she only invited those close to her. i can make it to the wedding since im at home spending the Deepavali holidays.

it was a simple wedding. the akad nikah was done in Masjid Taman Ria Jaya, and a 'majlis kesyukuran' was held at her house. the real wedding will only take place next year. so to those who were not invited, please understand her situation. insyaAllah, she will invite everyone to her wedding (that will be held next year perhaps???!)

husband and wife

nab, watai and me. kelly cant make it to the wedding as she was in Shah Alam receiving her scroll. congratz to u too dear.

may Allah bless both of you with happiness til the end and lotsa children too k! now i'm waiting for nab and kelly's turn pulak.

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