27 October 2009


"Dentistry is an Art" Dr ZM.

i was scold by my supervisor that day cause my restoration was not so aesthetic. it makes the patient smiles weird and it didn't look like his natural teeth at all. i was trying to build a fracture crown to the patient and it takes me almost one hour to trim the crown so that it looks like his adjacent teeth. i can't finish my work as it was already 1230pm.

she said it with this looks that makes me think whether i'd made the right choice in learning dentistry. i never loves art. i learned it until i'm in my form 3 and i hate it and i'm not artistic either. i've a pair of hands that is worse than a wood.

i regret that i never love art. cause i now she's right. it will be easier for me to learn dentistry if i'm more creative. cause i'd seen my friends who can finish doing a cavity in less than 2 hour while for me it may takes more.

i'm not good in bending wires.
i make bad impression for patient's models.
i make hideous restoration.
i'm not gentle enough during extration.
my suturing sucks.
i can't recall anything in dentistry that i'm good at.

can i just become a housewife and stay at home?!

but it's already too late. i already dive in too deep, walk out so far, fly up damn high. it's not the time for me to look back. i need to move forward. oh Allah please gives me strength cause i know everything happens for a reason and only U who knows it.

but one advice i can give to anyone who's planning to do dentistry. u need to know how to manage your stress level. and it's an advantage if u have miracle hands.

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isyaNIA said...

teehee relax my dear
we are in the same boat, same destination but with different cars waiting for us there to bring us to other place. just try to bear with it for the next 6-7 months.