07 August 2009


Dear Sir,

do u know that there were studies that says "our brain can only focus for 30 minutes, before it goes *&^%&*#". yeah yeah! i know i can't provide u a journal or any articles to u right now. as a prove but i'll try to find it later and e-mail it to u. but what ever!! the thing is, all those studies, really imply to my brain. it's like i was their subject at that time. what a coincident right?!

so, if u let me sit in your lecture for 1 hour! i can still be concious and act like a normal people do. but when u let me sit in your lecture for 2 bloody hours plus waiting for u like a rotten 'wutever' for 2 hours before the actual lecture start, it really make me feels like @#$%^&*!!

so next time, can u please, please try to be in our shoes and feels how we feels. oh! i forgot, u used to be a student too. but u just bare with it cause u were a student. a student must listen, and listen and listen.

hm. i got it now. next time i will try to listen, listen and listen, and listen, and listen, and listen and listen. and dont understand anything!

thank u sir!

Yours truly,
your student


Anonymous said...

ya ya! sama! i have one! haha

nOoRoLe said...

dedicated to docter dev. hehe