03 January 2009


it's raining outside. a not so welcoming weather for me to study. i feel like sleeping but im not sleepy. it shows how lazy i am.
anyone looking for a part time worker?? legal job please!! i need some cash. eheh.
i miss home. again!
i think im gonna kill my bored by watching movie. in the laptop la. where got movie theatre in kelantan. 
hmm. my senior just told me that she wanna perform the minor oral surgery on my wisdom tooth on this 13th. that will be one week before my wedding. this wisdom tooth is killing me. it cause me to had pain and headache all the time. i had to take pain killer frequently. which is not good for my tummy. cos i had gastric. but i dont wanna have a swollen face on my wedding. and i had the idea of stitches in my mouth during the wedding ceremony. i think i should postponed it till next month.

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angkasa said...

13january?hoho.suka trikh tu.hehe.