08 January 2009


i always feels tired nowadays.
hidup ku sgt tak productive!
today my patient who was supposed to come did not turn up. i call him many time. just to know that he is still sleeping. i wonder why they requested for treatment but when we wanna treat them (for free) they did not turn up. i gave him another appoinment and asked my supervisor to sign the folder to show that he failed to attend. my supervisor was quite mad. she asked me wether that patient really want treatment or i should just terminate this patient.
i really really wanna terminate this patient from getting treatment. but the termination procedure is menyerabutkan. so many procedures to follow before i can terminate the patient.
luckily i have a patient who's also a student here. he was my first patient. i asked him to come to the clinic for scaling. but he sounded scared. he's a dental student. but doesn't behave like one. when i did scaling on him, he said it was damn painful. i was mad of cause. because if i did not scale completely. i can't proceed to the next procedure. so after scaling i showed the work to my supervisor. she was not satisfied. "ado calculcus setambung, gane nak stark kijo laing nyo" bahasa kelantan mix with terengganu sikit. so my supervisor asked me to give local anesthesia, so that patient will felt no pain and i can continue my work. 
of cos la patient i tak mau. so i asked him to bare with the pain if he did not want to be injected. then after sesi paksa memaksa with the patient, i completed my work and show them to the supervisor for approval. she said it's ok, but not to ok. after checking for a few minutes. then only she said that the patient had hypomineralised enamel, that was why he felt pain. because his teeth had thin surfaces.
i felt sorry for the patient because i was mad at him earlier. sorry dear patient. nasib ko student gak.
im going to rumah anak yatim tomorrow. i'll be their facilitator. it's one of the requirement that we need to fulifill before we graduate. we need to give talk on the dental health. i hope i'll enjoy


nab said...

wehhh..takut ak nk pi kt ang nnt..sure ang garang n ganas...

angkasa said...

hoho.kakak tggay smggu lbih jaa lg ur wedding.mn leh tension2

nOoRoLe said...

nab: aku garang dkt patient yg xmo dgq cakap ja..

angkasa: kadang2 ja stress. besala. hidop mana ada yg smooth ja