13 January 2009


have u ever noticed that u had bad breath or halithosis? this problem is very severe but only some people notice and care. i had encounter patients with realy really bad breath. it was so severe until i had to wear double layer of mask. or else i can't continue my work. i was breathless. seriously!
for me. i am very particular about my breath. yeah. i admit sometime it stink. but i try my best to  avoid it from happening. the think u can do to avoid bad breath are
  1. brushing your teeth. brush your tongue too. that is the place where bacteria always stay and make your mouth stink like longkang
  2. u can use mouth rinse
  3. eat sugarfree chewing gum
  4. avoid stinky food like garlic and petai
  5. have u ever try eating ulam like ulam raja and pucuk daun limau? try it. it makes your breath smells better.
if u had try all this but still your mouth is stinky. please visit the dentist. u may need scaling. some health condition like xerostomia or reduce in salivary secretion can also cause the same problem
for those who's their job need to be close to some one. like dentist, doctors, medical, dental student, nurse, teacher, PA and many more, u need to check your breath's smell all the time.
the reason i wrote this post is because one of my coleague asked me how do u approach those who had bad breath when they are your friend!!! this is very hard to do. because u  may break some one's heart. but if u didnt tell them u'll suffer smelling their bad breath everyday because they are your close friend. u see them everyday.
what u can do is you have to play with their psychology. u can start with "i think my breath stink! do u think so? how bout your breath? do u ever have problem like this?". u can even asked them to go with u to see the dentist. or u can even give them mouthwash or sugar free chewing gum as present.
there are many ways. u just need to choose the correct one.
to all student's. tengah hari lepas bangun tido tu gosok gigi dulu before g wad!! hehe.
no offenced everyone! this article wasn't dedicated to any body. 
anyway, self awareness is important. so. check your breath k!



Elsa Soraya Othman said...

ulam raja and pucuk daun limau <-- macamane agaknye rupe pucuk daun limau tuh ye ? ulam raja pun sue macam ingat ingat lupa. adoi.

isyaNIA said...

nice article

hah hah testing for bad breath (checked)
p/s:coffea also can cause bad breath, so i always chew extra xylitol or drink plain water after having a cup of coffea. helps a lot.

fana said...

amcm ur wed preparation?
ahaks..saje nk tnye kt sni...
tah pape je...;p

nOoRoLe said...

elsa: kalau xtau apa ulam raja. meh blk sp!! hehe

isya: bgs la. check your breath after eating k!!

fana: preparation dah almost siap la. tp xsiap lg!! hehehe..smingu ja lg tu

ayien said...

alamak bad breath.. ni mesti kutuk aku nih!!