02 January 2009


the chance that im going out of my room, except to go to the toilet is 90%. the 10%, is considering if there will be any earthquake and the building burn down. i'd asked my sis to tapau me some food.

im so lazy. i'd been living sedentarily since the last professional exam. i haven't been jogging for 6 months. and i have big tummy. and i kept complaining to everybody. without actually doing anything. i'd tried doing some sit up. but it hurt my back. i think im doing it the wrong way.

i miss my home already. i miss the food in my hometown. cos im sick of eating food at the cafe. i wanna go outside and eat. but looking at how thin my wallet is. i insist on going.

i just finish cleaning up my small room. but it still look the same. lotsa stuff everywhere. i dont think i can throw them all away.

i wanna go home next 2 week, one week before my wedding. but i had the news that there will be an MCQ exam for my surgery posting on the 20th. that mean i'd to study and i can go home.

i had so much thing in my mind right now. but i haven't take any action to sort them all out.

i need my scholar right now. i need money right now. bcos i need to go out to ease my mind.


farie♀♥♂farihan said...

tanak cakap banyakkk.... situasi kite same.... *the economey part*....

nOoRoLe said...

huhu. sedey kan!!! napa depa xmo bg duit kat aku lg ni..