01 January 2009


after 2 months i entered clinical year.

  1. i only manage to extract 10 teeth. actually 8 cos 2 were done by the surgeon.
  2. do 3 block using LA
  3. do only 7 filling. (1 class I, 2 class II, 1 class 111, 3 class V)
  4. take a lot of impression. most of them were rejected by the doctors
  5. take berpuloh-puloh x-ray yg tak jadi. only 5 x-ray were accepted by the lecturers
  6. do scaling to most of my patient
  7. examine 2 pediatric patient. (i'm supposed to examine 8 patient)
  8. do 2 examination on patient with gingivitis.
  9. do fissure sealant to 2 patient.
  10. assist 1 minor oral surgery

it looks like i'm way behind. compare to all of my friends. especially my partner who's very skillfull. she did her job well and fast. i wish i could be better than her.

i must admit that i'm lembap. huhu!!!


angkasa said...

apa lak kta lembab.dakaih.kk xlmbab pun.blh ubh jd cepat.hehe

faRha said...

aku pulak:
7 XLA (sumer posterior)
1 Class IV, 1 Class III, 1 Class I, 1 Class II
impressions lebih kurang ngan kamu
xray terer sikit kot. tapi byk x claim
2 paediatric
1 gingivitis, 1 chronic perio
1 FS
4 blocks, 3 infiltrations

ala...kita sama je
meh kita masuk gear 5 terus
tension aku la

aNiSFaHiMi said...

bkn lembab tp bhati2 la,ok la tu,kalau buat cpt tp ntah pa2 buat apa kan??...gud luck k,i know u can do it,luv u,muuaahh..=]

noddy said...

bkn lembap tp berhati2..i knew it coz i'm ur patient..hehehe..nway wish u gud luck in 2009..happy new year dear..

nOoRoLe said...

angkasa:terlebey berhati2 pon xbgus gak..keja pon jd slow melow

farha:kalau ada gear 6 pon aku nak masuk. tp gear2 pon asik break2.

anisfahimi:i think im afraid to make mistake

noddy:patient ku yg penyabar. hehe.. thanx. happy nue year to u too