31 December 2008


tomorrow dah 2009. i hope 2009 bring me more wealth and health. i hope i can fulfill my requirement and graduate by june 2010. everyone please pray for my my success. i hope i will be able to do my work faster. i'm such a slow poke. i hope i'll be more skillfull and make less mistake. so that i will be scold less by all the specialist.

anyway. there's less than 1 month til my wedding. i can't believe that in less than one month time i will become Puan Nurul Fahizha. sounds funny. but it's gonna be true soon. dup dap dup dap. im scare when thinking of the responsiblity of being a wife, a daughter in law, a sister  in law. takutnya. i will have a new family.

my school friend cik izyan farhana will be getting married on the same day of i am. tiru tiru. then i can't be on your wedding then.

i hope all my friends are able to make it to my wedding. i  miss all of them especially those from my class in 5J 2003. i miss school time. except for the school uniform and the exam.

i'm still trying to flatten up my tummy. i look thin. but my tummy is so not flat. any tips anyone? i want flat tummy before my wedding. i don't wanna look like a pregnant woman on my wedding.

hm..it's already end of december and i haven't recieve my scholar. im dying out of money now. usm is killing me. they should think about us who rely on the scholar 100%. time nak mintak duit org nak cepat2. time nak duit dia lambat2. so unfair!!!

dup dap dup dap. wish me luck.

happy new year. my resolution are to have a better life and to become a better person than what i'd been before.


Elsa Soraya Othman said...

wah cik kak :) sudah nak bergelar isteri ya ? izyan farhana ? sounds familiar :)

prepare elok elok for de next chapter ov life k :)

angkasa said...

nk bg advice cmna bg perut kmpis ne xtau.sbb prut kta pun lbh kurg sma ja.wahaha!!hepy new year!

Volvoxx said...

Wei madam...kasi sikit details for ur wedding? Need to plan sikit pasal got CNY reunion/visitings and stuff :D

nOoRoLe said...

elsa:rasanya kenal kot. dulu skolah rendah sama. i cant believe im getting married. kena bersedia jgk ni. huhu.

angkasa:ceh. mana da sama. mine is so not flat. camna la nak kurus dlm masa singkat ni

volvoxx:my wedding will be on 24 th jan. from 12 tp 6pm. please come yer babe.

Volvoxx said...

Oooh! 24th! Tot 26th! Perfect then :D

fathiah zulkafli said...

wat sit up la weyh.haha.aku tatau d best solution coz u know me i've never encountered such prob.for now la.tatau la pasni.hahahahah =p

Enajuis said...

i think u should try the hoolahoops! or like jenna, do 200 sit ups per day. terus built 4 packs

nOoRoLe said...

fat:dah try. xberkesan. hoho.. aku xgmok. tp boncit. huhu. update la pasai padang!!!

enajuis: jenna is sok skinny. but i can try la. hehe