12 December 2008


i bump into an old friends which i haven't seen for years. she was in the same class with me during junior high but was in different classes in high school. somehow we were still close. we always went out for movies together with bunch of other friends. after we finished our high school we seems to be lost contact. i can't remember the last time i saw here. we seems busy with our own life. and to be honest i don't event have her phone number. i know where her house is but an incident that happend once there make me feels unwelcomed. several friends did asked about her latest news but of course my answer was "i don't know".

she was with her mom and sis, looking friendly. i was stumb to see her. i don't have any idea what to say. luckily my mother and my sister was there. i did try to relax myself but i failed. i keep avoiding looking straight into here eyes without knowing the reasons. i don't know whether she noticed my nervousness. she was calmed. my mother mentioned about my wedding and invite the whole family. she said she knew bout it. i felt guilty because i don't have any idea what happens with her life. i hope she can make it to my wedding though. . i wanted to ask for her number but i doubt myself.

i was not sure whether she will give it because she want to or because i was asking for it in front of her mother. finally i didn't ask.we end our meeting with just hugs and byes.
i didn't ask because it seems like she was running away from me. the last time i tried to reach her via friendster, i was ignored. after that i never tried to contact her anymore.

to u my dear old friend,
i hope u can make it to my wedding. most of our friends will be there. and to be honest to u that moment we met was an akward moments for me. i hope u didn't notice my nervousness. i hope u contact me via friendster or e-mail. i don't think it's wrong for us to still be friends eventhough i know that our thinking and lifestyle are a total different now. i think i miss u.

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