11 December 2008


last weekend was damn busy for me. i went home on Thursday night. then arrive home around 4 am. on friday i went out with my dearest sis. on Saturday i went for kursus kawen with Angah. so now both of us are allow to get married. but only after we had passed the HIV test. nak kawen pon susah. so many procedure to go through before we can get marry. actually i'm the only who wanna get marry. angah teman ja.
me and angah at the kursus kawen at Hassani (dapat royalty tak kalau i sebut nama Hassani Management kat sini??!) it's rm80 and dapat pen free. hehe
during the course. the ustaz was explaining something about marriage procedure in Kedah
angah and me having lunch at Oldtown. hmm. baju kurung in town. may be it's a normal thing for certain people but for us it was damn weird.
 this is me and Sayang. we were looking for the wedding ring and yes, Habib was having their year end sale at that time. 
the lovely miss from Habib. sian sibok layan kami yang banyak tanya. the picture was purposely blurred. it won't be special if i show it here. lucky me i got small fingers. if not then we will have to go to more shops. 
hari raya qurban was fun. everyone was there. semua org balik kampung. most of us wore green baju raya this time. this was me and arash yang super duper active. he was tired sbb main byk sangat. i was trying to upload video of him playing around but the wireless was too slow. i give up. u'll fell in love with him once u saw his act. if u noticed now that arash dah botak. ikot rambut abang fairuz ek? hmm. it's gonna be my last raya before i get married.
mama and arash sayang
the second day of raya our taman held a qurban. 4 ekor lembu sudah tumbang. i went to help on the preparation before cooking. this are the meat before being cooked.
angah and me 
kak teh and kak ngah pandai makan ja!

hani aka yong, my cousin. ayukah?

bihun sup tulang. damn sedap!!
selamat hari raya kurban. now im already back in the place known as Kelantan. back with busy life. back with clinic and stuffs. anyway. i'll be back for x-mas. not to celebrate. but to settle off lotsa things. and hoping to see my friends yg balik kampung time tu. i some how ur back just tell me. we'll arrange a small gath before i get married. hehe


the lynx said...

I'll be back! Christmas mesti balik spend time with family... hehe... I'll be in SP 25-27th. 25th family time... 26th kawan bertunang... so if 26th morning or 27th noon should be ok?

Volvoxx said...

Oits~ I'll be back for Christmas too :D 24th morn till 29th (awal muharram kan? XD)...25th sure busy mia la but anytime other than dat can :D

Wah the ring looks bling~ XD

angkasa said...

pa lak tau mkn jaa
org siap ptong dging tu ag

♥D i a n a♥ said...

Kak nurul! wawa. nice entries at ur blog. interesting! thanks for visiting my blog as well. +D
habib sale ke now? sale gila2? habib mana ye akak pegi? :)
akak berjiran dgn amir ke? rumah mane ye? diana slalu je gi rumah amir, tapi tak tahu plak dekat ngan umah akak. dulu duduk tmn bunga raya kan? :)

nOoRoLe said...

lynx: i'll tell the time and venue. any suggestion?

volvoxx: hope 2 meet u. the ring blings because of the light la. hehe

angkasa: adaka potong? xtau pon. hehe

diana:thanx for visiting my blog. umah akak dkt lorong dpn umah amir tu ja. sila la mai umah. tp kan slalu gak akak xdka umah. sbb byk dudok umah bunga raya