09 April 2008

exam mood-ting tong-chenta chenta

exam mood?!! izzit?!! am i in the exam mood. its almost 5am in the morning and im stuck on in front of the pc typing, surfing, and most of the time wandering into other people's blogs. without actualy have the exact things to do. i should study now. not wasting my time writing on a blog that people dont actually even give a peek
have u ever feel distress until u r not stress anymore. i think the stress is so much that i am already disensitized to it.
being a dental student who actually have to compulsarily learn medical kinda distress me a lot. anyway i'd gone almost 3 years of learning em.knda have enough stress that i cant feel any stress any more. that is so so bad. i need the stress now to urge me on studying more more hard than before. this exam will actually determine wether i can further my study to nex sem or not. i should study. mesti study.berusaha! berusaha!
i cant wait until this june. where i had pass my exam n just getting ready for the big day.hm.cant wait.eventhough the big day stil dint allow me to do the thing that i cant do now.im still lookng forward it..wish me luck ok!!!its a big phase in my life. its a promise that must be fulfill due to respect and love.
i think i should stop being on the air right now.its not the time yet. i need to focus..

but still i cant stop thinking of the day.hehe..sayang... i cant wait..everyone! please pray for me.


fAtHiAh zuLkaFLi said...
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fAtHiAh zuLkaFLi said...

i think u dont have to land down on earth.just stay there up in d air but bring ur mind together n pull it over focusing on what u should be doing.u have to pass d exam so that u can pursue with d big special day.use ur sayang as d source of motivation n u can do it.go fahizha go!!!

n i'm always pray for u.x caya bacala blog aku.special buat ang.hehhehe =)

Jenna said...

omg, you've actually reached ur optimal stress level where you can't even stress anymore.. lol.. don't worry dear.. i am sure u can do it.. u need to relax a little girl.. hehe.. over stressing is no good..

sHe pHa said...

big day?
tak paham.

nOoRoLe said...

thanx friends.!!! for being so supportive. i have another 2 exams to go.huhu..

n 2 shepha.
im not getting married yet.hehe..i'l invite u when i'l get marry.