29 April 2008

counting days~caution! anda mungkin akan rasa loya dgn kejiwangan saya

i guess a lot of people might feel sick reading my blog as i always write about LOVE.
ya la. the day is getting so near and i cant really hide the feeling that i am so happy and cant wait to face the day.
i know that it is just an engagement. not even a wedding yet.
but u know. im a girl.
a big one.
and i cant really stop from dreaming of marrying 'the one'.
mama said that u only get marry once in yourlife. insyaAllah ma.
i definitely pray that this relationship will last forever.
and i will o my best to mantain it.
this is a serious matter.
and im not fooling around.


Jenna said...

omg, ur engaged?? how come u didnt tell me?? I'm so happy for u gal.. Congratulations...
Psstt: make sure u invite me for ur kenduri ya.. hehe

nOoRoLe said...

im not engaged yet. the engagement is next month..n for sure la i'll invite u for the kenduri. but the date for the kenduri is not yet confirm. will tell u later when it is decided..

Jenna said...

engagement next month means engage d la... hehe..