24 April 2008

the meaning of love


that day u asked me, "what do u mean by LOVE?"
my answer was, "it is the feeling of caring and respect"
u were not satisfied with that answer.
and when i asked u back. u said "love is to be able to care about somebody without having any real reason"

today i am still standing with the same opinion.
that love is when u learn to respect that person.
but today i would like to add more
i would like to say that love is about respect, and it is about how u accept that person for whom they are, they were and what they will be.
love is pure.
it don't need a reason.
u care about that person and wanting to accept him.
and at the same time u hope that, that person will also accept u for who u are.
love is when u smile and cry together.
u share everything together. without the feeling of boringness.
u enjoy with it.
it is infinity. everyone have their own opinion.
it's ok.
im happy with what i'm feeling right now.
it makes me shine and bloom.
i pray that this feeling will last forever.
people change. but love. it hold us together.
even when everything is changing.


fAtHiAh zuLkaFLi said...

uhuhu.mentang2 la nk tunang dh sume pn psl love la eh.xpa2.aku tau ang saiko nk exam.so talking bout love might b a good therapy.heheh.
tp kan. love is not only about respect kan?coz kalo respect suma org pn we have to respect.love is more towards sincerity n honesty.tp x jugak.other criteria pun penting jugak.love is about everythng kot aku rasa.tah.i dunno what is love so i dun wanna get involved in it yet again at this moment.hehehehe

fAtHiAh zuLkaFLi said...

wawawa.asyik ckp psl love je.mentang2 la nk tunang dh.tp xpa.aku tau ang tgh saiko nk exam kan.so talking bout love might b a good therapy.hehhehe.
tp kan respect is not the only thng bout love kan?sbb suma org pn kita kna respect.i thnk love is more to sincerity n honesty.tp tak jugak.sbb other criteria pn pnting jugak.so mb love is about everythng.when we combine all d element either good or bad it will b a very strong love.xtaula.since i'm still vague with what love is so mb it's not d time yet for me to get involved.hehehhe

nOoRoLe said...

hehe..aku tgh jiwang la weh..so i talk about love a lot. plus all the stress and everything..
i agree with u that love is about evything.
i think love is indefinite
it should not be define by words.
instead by expression of feeling.hehe..jiwang nya

fAtHiAh zuLkaFLi said...

aahahahha.yup yup. that is jiwang ok!!!!tp besala.there must be a soft spot in everybody right.even org yg badan tough cm the rock wwf pun ada jiwangnya tersendiri.human la babe.hehehehhe =p

Jenna said...

i'm so happy that you've found ur soulmate.. As for me, i'm still searching and luck doesn't seem to be on my side.. lol.. come to think of it, i think my soulmate got lost or something.. why isn't he here yet??

nOoRoLe said...

jiwang nye saya.hehe..
jen..u'll meet someone someday.he might be lost.but he'll find the way...

fAtHiAh zuLkaFLi said...

hey hey.we're on d same boat jenna!!!i think my soulmate is losing his way either.if there is one lol...hehe.pray to God that d day will come.ngengenge