16 December 2006

ReVieW C.I.N.T.A~ iLOVEu

~hm..last week me n kelly watchd the movie CINTA. it was a great movie. the camera shots was very uniquue and very much different from other movie that i'd watchd.
~i really love it. it's a serious movie.(but at the same i can laugh.sbb lidah pendek pieere andre.shshshs.hehe) lps tu cita dia pon different.i wonder camna director tu bley relate kan 5 cita tu. very unique.
~kalau la ada cinema kat klantan tu, i will watch it again. sbb best sgt.
~ayat2 dia mmg power and sooo SWEET.
~from all 5 stories, i would say story between Dani n Dian touched my heart the most. i felt like crying at that time.tp control la beb. if tgk cd sorg2 ley la layan perasaan.cita pasai aidk beradik.sdey la sbb last skali kakk dia mati sbb derma kidney kat adik dia.eventhough b4 tis diorg gado
~story pasai airin and haris tu pon touching sgt.pandai sgt budak yg jd anak depa tu blakon. cita tu pon very sweet. haris sgt sweet. masa last cita tu, he sends notes tu irine ant the words are very touching. yg i ingat..
"i Love u from 1st time i saw u..i still LOve u even when Ur gOne"
"i've learn that LOVE mean letting GO"
sweet kan
~pastu, cita pasai 2 warga emas tu pon sgt best. the story thought us that love tak kira age and time. suma org sila learn tat lesson.huhu...
~yg lagi 2 stories tu for me besa ja. i mean, we can watch it in other movies as well. tp the actors and actresses really did well. except amani la.cumil tp tah. xreal sgt. nangis pon cam tipu.hehe
~conclusion dia cita nie sgt best..tis is my feveret muvie thn nie.sy CINTA.

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