28 February 2009


i'd seen lotsa great pictures taken at my wedding in my aunty's and friends' blog. im so glad that they were there to capture the greatest memory of my life. so please visit their blog to see their creativeness.
  1. aunty teh's blog
  2. aunty teh's fotopages
  3. sya's
  4. noddy's
  5. angah's
  6. kak teh's
  7. farha's
thanx everyone! i love u!


Elsa Soraya Othman said...
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the lynx said...

Hey Fahizha dear,

You look really wonderful in the photos. So proud of you *sniff sniff* Haha :p

Anyway I'm really sorry I didn't make it to your wedding even though I promised you beforehand. Many things happened. But really, I saw the photos and I really regretted I missed it.

Well then may your marriage continues to be blessed whole life through ;) So what's the honeymoon plan?

nOoRoLe said...

elsa: i bet urs will be much much better nanti,,,jgn lupa invite deyh!

lynx: it's ok. i know ur busy. maybe we can meet sometime later!! thanx for the wishes. as for the honeymoon plan. it is still on hold. as i'm so damn busy with my no holiday life here. hehe. may be next year. or perhaps this june!

Anonymous said...

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