06 March 2010

went to KFC, Kubang Kerian yesterday with couples of  friends for lunch. was served by this rude waitress name Nurul. i know she's pregnant but do u need to shout at us and throw plates as if we were not there. this branch of KFC really sucks. they serve bad foods; everything with less mayo,  slow serving and  waitress that acts really suck.

i know that it is not because of her pregnancy that she act rudely, she had been like that just before she is pregnant. i'd been dining at that place frequently since it was open.

yeah. i know i complain to much and some people would ask me to feels what it is like if i were in their shoes. i can never imagine the exhaustion of working in a 24 hour fast food restaurant. but at that time it was still early, there was not many customer around and it is their job to serve us the customer, why can't u just be polite.

i know that that incident will not stop me from going to that KFC again cause the location is very near to my place. u are lucky girl cause i did not make a complain to your manager, but who knows sometime u might just not be that lucky anymore.

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