02 May 2010

DR isya & DR noddy

congratulation girls. u have become Dr Isya and Dr Noddy now.
insyaAllah. i will follow your steps soon.

i guess, there will be no more PJ parties for us.
no more staying late just to watch movie and gossiping.
no more staying up, just to make sure we are awake for breakfast at McD.
no more people to listen to me whining bout  my problems
no more shopping gila.
i'm gonna miss both of u badly. huhu..

thanx for being by my side in this 5 years. love both of u so much. sob sob!

doakan aku k!


noddy said...

i miss u 2 my dear nurul..
thanks a lot for all this time..u were there when i need it..u've been supporting me n pray for me..n for sure u gonna make it through k..i believe in u..we all gonna grad 2gether..gud luck nurul kentut..hehe

aku ade rs cm nk g klantan blk..penginapan ditanggung kan??haha

isyaNIA said...

dont wory sayang...we just waiting for u to be a doctor too.

soo sad to think about no more pijama party for us. but dont wory, in da future, we still donno rite.

my pray for u nurul fahizha, good luck in ur coming exam, and just remember how hard u are there, we still remember u here.

nOoRoLe said...

aku tgh ting tong ni kawan2 ku..doakan aku!