10 February 2013

When you are married for 4 years.
And still didn't have any child.
You'll stop attending any wedding ceremony.
Just because u r too sad when people keep on asking the same questions which u can't answer.
Just because u wanna enjoy ur honeymoon years that Allah had plan for u.
Just because u r fat now and people keep on asking wether u r expecting.
And u know no matter what u answer the question will keep on coming.
I just wanna live in a happy life.
I hope people will understand.
Because all the questions will only make u stress.
And stress is not good if u r trying to conceive.

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isyaNIA said...

Be strong sayang. He got a better plan for you

Anonymous said...

sekurang-kurangnya anda lbh bernasib baik berbanding org bujang yg terlajak dan org keep questioned: bila nk kawen? bila nak kawen?

btw..bersabarlah...ada hikmah disebaliknya..

Anonymous said...

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