09 September 2009


yesterday HUSM blood bank organized a Mega Blood Donating Campaign. 

i'm too lazy to write. this is what i copied from Sya:
"firstly...we have to go through some screening. Haemoglobin (Hb) level.....is the culprit that can cause ur form to be rejected. if ur Hb not in the range that the blood bank wants....then im sorry, u r out. so, last night....it was a bit suspen lar. since i was losing weight before, i was afraid that it will affect my Hb level. but u know what....my Hb level was sky high. 14.9 g/dL. that was the highest level i ever reached. and congratulation to noddy, after spending 3 weeks eating the iron tablets....she pass and can donate her blood after one year waiting for that. and to nurul n alia...usaha lagi yerk."

my Hb level was 11.3g/dL. so wallah. I'm not able to donate. I'm so sad. cause i haven't been donating blood since 1 year ago. may be next time i'll go and donate. i need to consume my iron tablet more frequent. cause my low Hb is causing me to easily get tired. i hate iron tablets, cause they make me feels bloated and nausea.

most frequent question asked to me was, "are u allow to donate your blood when you are fasting?" the answer is "yes! as long as it's not causing u any harm."

lastly, donate your blood, cause there are people who needs them but not able to produce it themselves. for us who is healthy, we only give some, but our body is still able to produce new blood cells. so think about it.

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