03 February 2010


we organized a school's oral health day in SMK Kemumin Pengakalan Chepa last week. it was a 3 days event. there was exhibitions, dental check up and 1Malaysia Smile contest.

just arrived

the school

dental check up on the mobile clinic

dental hygiene education where we taught them on how to brush and floss correctly.

i love this kind of activity cause i can be away from clinic for sometime, although i  really hate the preparation part. this kind of program helps me to gain confident in myself. from this program i learned that becoming a teacher is a very tough job. as it is a school from a village area. the kids there are quite a tough block, they hardly listen to anyone. i see teachers bringing caine to the class. i see teacher hit them with a 'rotan', it was very interesting cause i never see this kind of act in my school, but still the students act as it was nothing.

ouh. i wonder how my friends are doing in the schools now. i hope they are find cause i know it's getting tougher to teach kids nowaday. all the best friends. i really respect your passion in becoming a teacher.


Daniel said...

Oral health is a huge deal to me, thats why I have my own blog dedicated to it. '

nOoRoLe said...

your blog is very informative..