14 May 2007

The Confident that I Gain

I did it!! What did I do?? Actually, I finally had the courage to talk in front of people. Although there were only 60 people, but i feel so proud of myself. It is the most scary thing that I ever think of doing.
It might not be a big thing to certain people but for me it is a pretty big thing. As i never had the courage to do such thing. I don't know why I feel so scared standing in front of people. I don't feel confident because i'm not smart, not pretty and not good in english. I'm scared that I will stumb during the presentation. I'm scared that I will look stupid in front of other people. I'm scared that people will not understand what I'm trying to tell them.

I wanna be brave and to be able to speak in front of people

Yesterday I did it, Nasyitah and I had represent my group to present the oral diagnosis seminar. Initially, i wasn't the one selected for the presentation. It was someone else. But due to symphaty and empathy to my dearest friend who was not ready to speak in front of everyone, I voluntered myself to do it. I was so scared at first. I feel inferior that people will judge me ( as there were also great presenter in my group ) but somewhere somehow i got the courage to actually do it. It was the clinical year who make me feel so encouraged to do it.
I thought about the clinical year where we are suppose to present our case in front several doctors ALONE. It was quite scary. Therefore, I took the chance to embrace myself with this experience. I want to get myself ready. I want to gain the confident. I don't want to feel scared anymore. I want that courage.

I wanna be confident

Eventhough Nasyitah was there, and the lecture theatre was pretty small. I still feel satisfied after doing it. There was a saying, 'your enemy is your greatest fear', that's what making me feel so eager on doing the presentation. And I am not ashamed to say that I feel proud of myself. In the future, I'm hoping that I'll be more confident to do it. You are not suppose to feel scare of anyone and anything beside ALLAH. That's also the reason why i feel so eager to do it again later.
'Ya ALLAH please let me gain the confident. I'm not trying to be over confident, I wanna be moderate, like U always want us to be. AMIN'

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the lynx said...

Hey Fahizha~
You go girl. Keep nurturing that self-esteem in you!
Life's about being confident about yourself so go all out.

And by the way, enjoy your holidays ya~
Wish I can meet up with you but I'm leaving to stay in Penang soon T.T
Take care...