11 May 2007


i have been very lazy lately. i don't even know why. i'd asked several of my friends wether they had the cure for my disease. any drug, any vitamin that can work. and then i came across i one my friend's friend. she introduced me spirolina. she claimed that this thing can make u feel more energetic and cure the 'disease' that i had.
So, i browse through the internet for infomation on spirolina. Wether i t had any side effects and so. I found out a lot of thing. The thing about internet is that u never know which infomation u should take, and which one u should discard. Therefore, i still don't know wether i will try on spirolina because i came across a facts that it contains dirt from insects and so. I don't know wether it's true or not. But i'm still considering it. I got exhausted too easily, and i think i need help. Can anyone help??!!

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