17 February 2008

kay-el! shopping...eating...everything

that day i went shopping in kl.well im a damn shopaholic.i dunno exactly how much i ve spend.but i can say tat i'd spend alot.on foods there.on my new great skechers.jeans.
i feeel like buying anything under the sun. but i guess i can still control my eagerness to shop n juz buy buy n buy.hehe.but on that trip i realized that my dearie friends sya n nodi are much much more true shopaholic than me.hehe.sorry girls.thats juz how i felt that day.

anyway.kl is not a place for living.juz like wat my syg said.u can go there sometym.shopping like crazy.eat like theres no more food. but u juz cant stay there. it was too hectic for me.eventhough i like urban life.i dont think i can manage the stress of traffic jam, waiting for the busses.n plus the food there are much much more expensive then what i can find in sp.

i feel great im staying in sp.

we went to sunway. n it was suck. it was not a place for a muslim like me.im not making a statement tat im a very2 religious person. its juz tat i felt disrespect when i'd paid the same amount like others but was not allow to go on the slides.juz becos im not wearing shorts.wut a reasons.for me sunway is not a place to have fun.huhu

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