20 February 2008

meaning of true shopaholic

while im going true sophie kingsella's novels, i was thinking on the real meaning of shopaholic. i was thinking wether i can consider myself a shopaholic.

can shopping calmed u??

that day when we were shopping in kl. there was this intuition in myself. iwas thinking on my savings my future.will i have enough money to survive and everything. instead of focusing on the things so called shopping, i doubt myself with questions on wether i should spend money or not

i guess i wasnt a true shopaholic if i had that feelings rite?! i dont know!!! watching my friends grabbing, and pulling the shirts from pile of more shirts with tags of 50%. i wasnt sure wether i should do the same.well tat is what i used to be.digging and digging.hunting for places with big 50%tags on it.making decisions in like less than 5seconds. and spending on tat i'd already got. but at tat moment this intuition cause me to just stand there and look at my friends. even my angah was going crazy over the sales there (which was very weird for someone named angah!!.sorry angah)

anyway. can i say tat i hv REAL shopaholic friends.hehe.sya n nody.its a compliment for u girls actually

am i??!!

what makes me feel this way.am i getting more matture in making judgement in my life.i still wonder myself.

i just hope that feeling can actually help me to save some money.i should learn on how to manage my finances.instead of going shopping and spending all of my money. so tat in future i wont be spending all of my salary juz for shoppin.i should be more mature as i will have my own family later right. can u imagine me still a shopaholic married to another shopaholic husband.how are we suppose to manage our family.

but still tat moment didnt last for so long.when we were in mid valley.i made a quick decision on buying a pair of rm215 skechers (which im wearing rite now).why wasnt that intuition come again at that time.arghh!! i thought im getting more matured.what a lie! . after paying for the shoes, my heart felt it again.it was saying is it worth for u to buy shoes with that price.its juz gona stay at ur feet.n ur feet not gaoing to say thank u noorole.for buying me such a lovely shoes.(i think i heard my feet saying thank u for buying such a shoes for them before i paid.but why cant i hear it now).luckily, i made a right decisions.that shoes was a heavenly for my feet.i didnt feel that pain on my heels when standing anymore. but wearing tat shoes makes me feel worried everytime i'd to take out before going into the mussola or mosgque. im afraid some one will steal them.hehe..now i wonder on how long will this shoes last

a true shopaholic wont be doubting with feeling of guilty after they buy something. maybe they wil.but not for long. plus. they'l buy things that they alreary had.like shoes,shoes and shoes. they'll have things with price tags on, not scheduled to be wear at anytime soon.

i dont think im a true one right now.the feeling is there. but im tryingmy best to at least reconsider before actually buying something.hope i can hold this feeling.
my weakness for now is food.ican still get over it.if it is spending money for foods.then i didnt even care how much i'l have to pay.as long as im satisfied with it.can it be considered as a shopaholic or foodaholic.hehe..

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Jenna said...

i totally love the shirt.. it is so so me.... omg... omg..