11 February 2008

pro pro pro

there are another 89 days til pro.i cant believe it.i think i've only prepared like5% or even less.hahahhaa..im getting crazy.last holiday was full with rnjoying stuffs tat i forget to study aiyak..shopping,dating watching movies thats all i've done.huhu..everyone.plis give me advice and courage so tat i can still be strong to study for my exam.hm..my plan after pro was even bizzare.there are a lots of stuff and thngs to do.place to visits and manymore.the list are endless. but i must first go through the exam and pass it with flying colours.insyaallah. well everyone plis pray for me k..pray tat we'll together success in everythg tat we do.mmuah..love u all

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