05 August 2008



  1. present 10 cases. 2 case. 1 case to surgeon. 8 7 cases to MO or HO.
  2. observe 10 9 operation in ot.
  3. prepare seminar or surgical infection and antibiotic.
  4. present seminar to Mr Zaidi.
  5. attend APDSA in Surabaya.
  6. 2 case write up. 1 hand written for Mr Tarmizi.
  7. meetingwith Dr Zuliani about CFCS patient.
  8. visit family for CFCS.
  9. case summary of CFCS to be send by 24/08/08.
  10. study for surgical clinical exam on 04/04/08.
  11. improve physical examination on patient. its improving!!!
  12. balik rumah balik lagi
  13. shopping with my Sayang

  1. visit Singapore with Thivya.
  2. redang redang redang.
  3. get married to my Sayang
  4. graduate by 2010
  5. be a good dentist

**plus prepare mind. heart and soul to be scold by doc in every clinical session. gambatte NURUL.


angkasa said...

baik pnya plan kakak
haa.num 13 tu style n0rh
kot mn pun msti ada jgak
hehehehe ;D

fathiah zulkafli said...

waaaaaaa.nak kawin sgt dh nmpk.ish tahap bahaya dh ni.wajib kawin.heheh =p

kakthe said...

gambateh kay..
i know that i always behind ur back..yeag,adk tlg amin yg future plam tu..heheh..=D

nOoRoLe said...

nak kawen!!! hehe