09 March 2009


me and my Sayang went hunting last weekend. what we did was, we drive along the sawah aka bendang. and we will shoot this bird that we call 'burung tampung baju' or chinese horn bird, if i'm not mistaken. it is a skinny not so white bird that looks like 'bangau'. but it's not bangau. me myself couldn't differentiate these 2 birdsat first. but on the second trip of hunting i already know the differences.
posing with the birds!
it was fun. actually, my Sayang was the only one who's shooting. i just stay in the car with Abah and shoot lotsa vids and pics. i'm gonna try to shoot one day, insyaAllah! we got 4 birds. Mak Teh fried em and it taste like ayam kampung.


Elsa Soraya Othman said...

u actually went hunting wif senapang yeah ? wow :D dats refreshing, sth new to learn kan. he he. pasnih belajar masak burung for ur hubby k!

nab said...


nOoRoLe said...

elsa: yup! it's fun. new thing to learn. hope i'll got the chance to try to shoot one day!
n im still learning how to cook proper meal now. hehe

nab:mmg best la nab!! =D

isyaNIA said...

mak ai pg hunting....
well i believe that ur hubby is a good hunter
cause he got you!
hehe tringin aku nak merase burung hg tembak tuh.

angkasa said...

kt mn ne?
kakak ltak follower snank sikit nk tau pkmbgn.hehe

bakrihafizhisham said...

senapang siapa punya?