30 March 2009


I'd undergo a minor oral surgery to remove my only third molar aka wisdom tooth that i had. the tooth was horizontally erupted. it took my senior more than 1 hour to remove that stubborn tooth.
first she numbed half of my jaw with local anesthesia. then when i felt completely numb, she started the procedure with opening of the flab near the location of my tooth. then she used a round bur to cut my bone and removed the bone. she loosened the tooth using a tool but still she can't remove it. so the surgeon in charge asked her to cut my tooth into several pieces before removing it completely.
just imagine all the tools in side my mouth. it was a terrible feeling. it made me realize how unease patient is when they are sitting on my chair. sakit. lengoh. takut.
saya insaf sebentar!
after the  tooth was removed. she sutured the wound. leaving me with a wound in my mouth.
can u imagine how i ate after that. but lucky me, it did not swell like others did. alhamdulillah. i was given antibiotic, pain killer, and MC for 3 days. weei!
i am lucky because the other 3 wisdom tooth are congenitally missing. meaning that i did not have to go through another painful operation like this.
to be honest it wasn't painful at all. ya la. because during the procedure i was numbed. but when the numbness disappear, i felt like crying for my Mama, because it was so damn painful. hate it. i can still eat nasi even with the suture in my mouth. sunggoh hebat kan?! but when it comes to pizza, i surrendered. nasi tak payah kunyah, but pizza haruslah dikunyah. kenapalah Mama nak belanja pizza time Kakak MOS. huhu.
the x-ray of my teeth. sorry sbb sangat tak clear!
and now i only has 28 tooth! hypodontia i am! hehe.


apeqchan said...

hye there...
just a quick drop
mesti sakit kan lepas bius hilang??

nOoRoLe said...

sakit!! but mine tak bengkak..so..sgt lucky..