08 November 2008


i should have posted this entry a couple of days a ago. but due to my busyness. i can only post it to day. mama birthday was 3 days ago, 5th November. mama aka Pn. Noor Zhalizah binti Hussain turns 48 on that day. sadly me and angah didn't go back to SP this weekend because angah had to masauk kampung for her cfcs programme. tp on that morning i already wished mama happy birthday. next week i'll be home and belanja mama k! love u mama. walaupun mama garang. tp i love u jgk. and i think i'm becoming more like u now.so below are the many faces of mama.
me and mama. sama tak?!
 mama and abah during hari raya
mama and abah dekat jam besar. makan time!
mama gn adik hezryn.
mama and adik arash sayang.
mama and tom and jerry yg suka gadoh. i think this pic was taken in terengganu.
pengikut mama in terengganu
mama and adik ayu sayang
mama in singapore. mama tak bawak me waktu tu. huhu.
mama and angah busuk. smile!
 mama and abah looking serious.
the thoughts of me getting married in 2 months time really touch me. it makes me cry though. mama and abah sungguh2 prepare for my wedding. and in islam, that will be the day where mama and abah had no more responsiblity on me. dah tak payah tanggung dosa kakak. hm. T.T
p/s:if u just know me, the'zha' from my name, fahizha, comes from mama's name zhalizah. while tha'fahi' comes from my appa, Encik Fahimi bin Ahmad


Volvoxx said...

OOooo..never knew your name is from both your parent's name...that's so beautiful :D

Ahhh ur wedding...cant wait :P I'll be there :D

angkasa said...

waah2.hepy belated bufday!!

tom n jerry??
lwk glaa
hehe :DD

nOoRoLe said...

volvoxx: u must come to my wedding k!
n i thought every one in school knew the meaning of my name. my name is nurul only la..others are my parent's.ehhe

angkasa: mmg tom n jerry. dah nama suka gado sat baik sat. mmg macam tom n jerry.