27 November 2008


my clinic hour this week is waisted just like that. on sunday, my prostho patient didn't turn up. when i called her, her husband said she is having fever and cannot come to clinic. i have to give her another appointment then. 
then on monday, yeay!! my patient, conservative patient did turn up. i'm so damn excited because i'll be doing my first restorative procedure on him. i choose to do a class 3 filling to his anterior teeth because it is the easiest compared to other classes. when i showed the teeth that i'm going to work on to my supervisor, she noticed a really big big filling at the cervical area. there was a new caries already developed at the restoration. in my heart i was screaming why didn't i notice that before, it was very obvious.
then my supervisor asked me to excavate that old restoration off because it was very big. when i finish scooping it off, i noticed that the previous dentist made a really really bad restoration. the tooth is already dead. what a stupid dentist, now i have to continue and repair your foolish job.
after showing the excavated tooth to the lecturer, she said that that tooth is not worth to be restored as it was already dead. so i am left with 2 options, either to extract or do root canal treatment to the tooth. i choose extraction because it is way easier than doing RCT.
so my patient has hypertension and i had to monitor the BP first. it was 180/120 mmHg, there is no way i can extract that tooth. so i consulted a surgeon and ask my patient to wait for 30 minutes before checking on his BP again. it was 188/126. it was damn high.
now im left with RCT. but the tooth was to mobile and so not worth of saving. i asked my supervisor again what should i do. i cant extract. i cant do RCT. and i cant just leave the tooth opened. so my supervisor asked me to obturate the tooth, put medicament, put temporary filling and send the patient home. i cant restore the tooth with a permanent filling because the tooth is already dead and might cause the patient to had swelling. 
so i just follow my supervisor advice.
i feel so mad because i can't do any real restoration today and i had to do temporary restoration on to be extracted tooth. and the procedure is not even enlisted as my requirement. shity!
and  yesterday to make my life worse, my patient for perio did not turn up because his child was sick.
so. summary of this week is i did nothing. but one thing i learn is that life does not always goes the way u plan. sabar nurul!!


Enajuis said...

hey i really got excited reading this entry.. *nerd sial*
its like ER/ grey's anatomy except tht its a dentist's job. u sound so intelligent with all the medical jargons

nOoRoLe said...

haha. i thought it shows my stupidness..
hm..they should create series bout dentist. but it's not gonna be that interesting because our field is not big...