08 November 2008


  1. the food totally suck. it seems like the cafeteria's cook forget his/her recipe book during the weekend.
  2. i have to walk to pasar malam every friday just to buy nasi goreng ikan masin and ayam goreng for dinner.
  3. the toilet is just damn dirty. hate it! hate it! can't they just asked the makcik to cuci the toilet even in the weekend. and the people here, they just don't care. is it that hard to throw they leftover in the bin instead of the sinki. then we end up having a smelly sinki for the whole weekend just because some fool just dont learn. STUPID!
  4. i sleep a lot. and those people who had been practising 'gendang' just don't know how to sleep in the evening. my hate was banging all the time the start their practise.
  5. it is very hard to rent a small kancil. everyone wanna go out. i wish i had my own car. (praying hard!!)
  6. and when i got to rent a car. there's only 3 place to go, either shopping in KB mall, tesco or pasar siti. haha. best la sgt.
  7. the laundry is full. kena berator panjang gila. 
  8. the ampaian also full.
i just wanna go home.
p/s-adik arash dah boleh berjalan!! cant wait to meet him this weekend.


angkasa said...

eei.gelinya part toilet tu
cm pa g
xda tatasusila

nOoRoLe said...

angkasa: nnt masuk u tau la. dah la xdak bibik. stress dgn manusia yg dok kampus kesihatan tp xberapa nak gheti jaga kesihatan!

ayien said...

it's okay.. only 1 more year to go dude..